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About Us

Through a dedicated staff that embraces change and professional growth, we at P.S. 8, envision a school setting where all children can and will learn in a nurturing, safe, and risk-free environment and where students will meet high standards of excellence; academically, socially and emotionally. This philosophy is extended to our entire diverse school community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children with experiences where they will discover their own uniqueness, personal worth, and academic potential. Children will achieve this through individualized differentiated instruction and cooperative learning in small and whole groups. Students will be afforded opportunities to broaden their horizons through activities, which foster their creativity, intellectual development and cultural and social awareness

Forming partnerships between students, parents and staff in the learning process will have a positive impact on our learning community as children expand their knowledge and become responsible and influential citizens of tomorrow

Administration Team of P.S. 8


Sketch of Principal Claudia Tahiraj-Sadrija

Claudia Tahiraj-Sadrija



Colorful classroom with chalkboard, small table and books

Stephen DiPaola

Assistant Principal- Grades 1 & 4


Classroom with whiteboard and grouped desks

Christine Lopano

Assistant Principal- Grades K & 2


Tables facing front of classroom

Carlos Morales

Assistant Principal- Grades 3& 5


Our Coaches

Literacy Coach

Stefanie Gotkin



Math Coach

Hyunsook Lee



DOE SB Literacy Coach (K-2)

Christina Brown 



DOE SB Literacy Coach (3-5)

Belinda Sharkey-de Muro



P.S. 008 Isaac Varian

For any questions, please reach out to Assistant Principal Morales or visit our Staff Directory

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 Phone: (718) 584-3043

Fax: (718) 584-7376